Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you make two different sized shoes?

Absolutely! And since lasts are made on-demand for every climber, there is no additional cost for two differently sized shoes.

2. How are SFT shoes made?

SFT's shoes are made through a combination of digital manufacturing techniques and traditional shoe craftsmanship. More details on the process can be found on our How It's Made page.

3. Do custom shoes need to be broken in?

Yes. All shoes are made on lasts, and lasts are not exactly like feet. For example, lasts are smooth on the front edge instead of following every contour of your toes so that the whole front edge of your shoes is useful when standing on tiny chips. The small differences between the lasted shape of the shoe when it's new and your feet means that there will be a short break-in process as the shoe molds to your contours. Unlike off-the-shelf shoes, however, SFT's custom shoes typically break in over fewer than three climbing sessions. If you still feel extreme hot spots after three sessions, please contact and we'll help you fix the fit.

4. What if my shoes don't fit me?

SFT Climbing stands behind the fit of your shoes - if we made a mistake in fitting you, we will work with you to modify or remake your shoes at no additional cost.

5. Can SFT shoes be resoled? 

Yes! We have tested this with our favorite resoling shop, and if you'd like a shop recommendation, feel free to email us. If you think your shoes are showing more than normal wear and tear, please email with a description of your problem and photos.

6. If I order a second pair of shoes, is there a discount?

Additional pairs of shoes made on the same lasts are $300 (a $50 discount). This means you can order two pairs of shoes that are different colors, different closure styles, or have different rubber and get the discount. However, shoes that fit you differently (i.e. downturned vs flat, different amount of toe curl) require different lasts and the discount does not apply.

7. I don't live in the US. If I order SFT shoes, who pays for the customs fees, etc?

Customs duties are the responsibility of the customer to pay on receipt of their shoes. However, our fit guarantee is valid for all customers, so if anything goes wrong in fitting you, we will still remake your shoes at no additional cost.