Finding comfortable climbing shoes that perform well should be simple. We make it so by taking the guess-work out of fit. Here's how it works:

Choose your custom shoe model.Choose your shoe model - downturned or flat. Customize the color, closure style, and sole rubber. We offer Vibram and Five Ten Stealth rubbers. Once you've placed your order...

Photograph and trace your feet.Take 2 photos of your feet and a tracing using our quick guide. We'll email you a form so that you can submit them. We use your photos to build a customized computer model of your shoes.

SFT custom shoes ship in 2 weeks.Your shoes ship in 2 weeks. The computer model generates patterns for each component of your shoe, which we precisely laser cut. We sew together the fabric components, inspect the seams, and then our rubber masters carefully tension and apply your performance rands. Each pair of shoes is finished with your chosen premium sticky rubber soles.

Order custom shoes.

While studying mechanical engineering, Laura Shumaker spent a lot of time at the tiny MIT Bouldering Wall. Pulling off her shoes after each long climbing session, she'd wonder why high-performance climbing shoes had to be so uncomfortable.

The lingering feeling that this tradeoff between performance and comfort was unnecessary inspired a journey deep into the intersection of biomechanics and digital manufacturing.

After years of researching, designing, and testing, Laura and SFT Climbing have created amazingly comfortable, high performance shoes. Each pair is designed for the climber who wears them.

But where our story seems to end, yours begins... now that your shoes aren't holding you back, what will you climb? Tag your adventures #SFTClimber.