by LAURA SHUMAKER July 01, 2015

Sometimes, in the mad rush of design/prototype/debug/re-design cycles, you lose track of the progress you've made. SFT Climbing just turned 2 years old, and the difference between the first duct tape and sock prototypes Mak and I made and the beautiful shoes we're finishing for beta testers now is a gulf almost too large to span with a simple anniversary celebration. So instead of toasting the whole journey from barely knowing how to sew leather to creating a digitally enabled (almost) production line, let's look at a concrete example of how SFT's tools and command of those tools has improved:

From concept sketch for a new closure system, to a quick prototype to check function, to shoes built with the system for a beta customer, 7 days. Two years ago, I wouldn't have believed that SFT could pull that off. Thank you to all of you - friends, beta customers, suppliers - who've made this possible, and here's to the continual improvement of SFT's process to bring customized shoes to rock climbers!



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